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Madibaland World Literary Festival

It's going to be the festival of the year, beams Darryl David!!! ‘It might very well be the only festival of the year, but boy will it make up for the many that we missed!’

At the end of April I announced nothing more than a dream to create the world's largest online literary festival. Four months later I can proudly announce the launch of the inaugural MADIBALAND BOOK FESTIVAL from the 20-30 November 2020. For those not familiar with South Africa, the festival name was inspired by a travel book of the same name by well - known writer and journalist Denis Beckett, which in turn was inspired by a man who needs no introduction, a man known the world over - Nelson Mandela - who was lovingly called Madiba in this part of the world. The festival is a partnership between the University of the Western Cape and Book Town Richmond, the only Book Town in SA and on the African continent. The University of the Western Cape which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary will take charge of the online architecture for the festival, leaving Book Town Richmond to concentrate on what they do best - create unforgettable book festivals. And when you see the line - up for the inaugural festival it is clear that this festival has the potential to become the flagship international book festival to come out of SA.

And few would argue with the statement above when you peruse through the list of writers set to speak at the inaugural festival. There are literally writers from every corner of the world. And the who's who of SA writers have assembled for this festival.

Although we are waiting on a few more writers to confirm their participation, including a large cohort from India, here is the preliminary line up for the MADIBALAND LITERARY FESTIVAL (see below.

The world’s largest literary festival | Darryl David | Books and writers (please read for context)


Our line up: (click on the live profiles to find out more)

1. Shilpa Raj: The Elephant Chasers Daughter

2. John Connell: The Cow Book.

3. John Connell: The Running Book

4. Greg Marinovich: Shots from the Edge: A Photojournalist’s Encounters with Conflict and Resilience.

5. Jacob Dlamini: Askari : A Story of Collaboration and Betrayal in the Anti-apartheid Struggle.

6. Jacob Dlamini: The Terrorist Album: Apartheid’s Insurgents, Collaborators and the Security Police

7. Gabeba Baderoon: The History of Intimacy

8. Christopher Merrill: Poetry.

9. Christopher Merrill: Walt Whitman

10. Michael Greene:  For the Sake of Silence

11. Christopher Nicholson: Winter.

12. Christopher Nicholson: Among the Summer Snows

13. Angie Butler: Explorers of the Heroic Age

14. Emma Neale: Billy Bird

15. Emma Neale: Poetry.

16. Karen Karbo: The Stuff of Life

17. Karen Karbo: The Gospel According to Coco-Chanel.

18. Kiki Petrosino: Witch Wife

19. Kiki Petrosino: White Blood - A Lyric of Virginia.

20. Sumayya Lee: The Story of Maya

21. Chris Abani: The Secret History of Las Vegas

22. Etienne van Heerden: Die biblioteek aan die einde van die wereld (The library at the end of the world).

23. Fred Khumalo: The Longest March.

24. Hugh Bland: Trappist Mission Stations of KZN

25. Hedi Lampert: The Trouble with my Aunt

26. Ashwin Desai: Indian Indenture

27. Elana Bregin: The Antbear Cabin

28. Dominique Malherbe: Sarah Goldblatt Biography.

29. Chris Nicholson (SA judge): t.b.c

30. Erica Platter: Durban Curry.

31. Vernon Head: A Tree for the Birds

32. Athol Williams: Poetry.

33. Fikile Hlatshwayo: Blacks do Caravan.

34. Carol Campbell: The Tortoise Cried It’s Only Tear

35. Zoe Wicomb: Still Life

36. Joanne Hichens: Death And The After Parties

37. Rumena Buzarovska: My Husband.

38. Amanda Michalopoulou: God’s Wife.

39. Nikola Madzirov: Remnants of Another Age

40. Dana Snyman: On the Back Roads. / Soekmekaar 

41. Antony Osler: Mzansi Zen.

42. Mike Lowry/ Steve Wimberley/ Phillip Kretzman: Inspirational Animal Stories

43. Tracy Going: Brutal Legacy

44. Vladimir Martinovski: Poetry.

45. Riana Scheepers: A Writers House t.b.c

46. Diana Ferrus: Poetry

47. Jan van Tonder: Die verevrou

48. Ronnie Kasrils: Catching Tadpoles

49. Raashida Khan: Fragrance of Forgiveness

50. Ronnie Govender in conversation with Rajendra Chetty (t.b.c)

51. ZP Dala / Sylvia Garib: Durban in words t.b.c

52. Philippe Menache & Darryl David: Churches of South Africa – A Platteland Pilgrimage

53. Hattie Edmonds: The Spectacular Vision of Oskar Dunkelblick

54. Sophy Roberts: The Lost Piano's of Siberia

55. Shanthini Naidoo: Women in Solitary

56. Jerzy Koch: Pleks van plaas

57. Elleke Boehmer: Southern Imaginings – To the Volcano

58. Nico Moolman: Russia in the Anglo-Boer War

59. Mongane Wally Serote: Sikhahlel’ u-OR – praise poem to Oliver Tambo (t.b.c)

60. Mandla Langa: Dare not linger (t.b.c)

62. Ahmed Kathrada Foundation:

63. Paul Weinberg: A 30 Year Journey with the San

64. Lizzie Collingham: Hungry Empire : How Britain’s Quest for Food Shaped The Modern World

65. Lizzie Collingham: Curry : A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors.

66. Kirsten Miller: All that is left.

67. Andrew Miller: Dub Steps

68. Don Pinnock: The Last Elephants.

69. Patricia Schonstein: The Inn at Helsvlakte

70. Petro Hansen: Vervleg

71. Andries Bezuidenhout: Onplaats

72. Barry Cohen: Let me play: the story of the greatest Indian golfer SA has never seen

73. Marguerite Poland: Sins of Omission

74. Natalie Conyer: Sisters in Crime – Three Sydney Crime Writers

75. AM Kamaal: Nigeria/ Nome Patrick Emeka - Nigerian poets t.b.c

76. Carmen Miller: Canada's Little War: Fighting for the British Empire in the Anglo-Boer War

77. James Daschuk: Clearing the Plains

78. Pieter Louis Myburgh: Gangster State t.b.c

79. Chris Marais & Julienne du Toit: Karoo Roads

80. Bronwyn Davids: Lansdowne Dearest : My Family’s Story of Forced Removals

81. Zirk van den Bergh: Ek wens, ek wens

82. Erns Grundlingh – Sushi en Shosholoza: Rugbyreise en pelgrimstogte in Japan

83. Antjie Krog: Poetry

84. Petrovna Metelerkamp: Ingrid Jonker: A Biography.

85. Lynne Joffe: The Gospel According to Wanda B. Lazarus.

86. Mike Nicol: Espionage Fiction

87. Obie Oberholzer: Photography

88. Christy Lefteri: The Beekeeper of Aleppo

89. Zanele Dlamini: Wounds of Ignorance

90. Landa Mabenge: Becoming Him : A Trans-Memoir.

91. Audrey Schulman: The Theory of Bastards

92. Cherry Lewis: The Enlightened Mr Parkinson

93. Chris Mann: Troubadour

94. Irene Fisher: I am still here 

95. Clinton du Plessis: Poetry

96. Cameron McNeish: Scotland’s 100 Best Walks / There’s Always the Hills

97. John T. Edge: The Potlikka Papers : A Food History of the Modern South

98. Kobus Moolman: The Mountain Behind the House

99. Gerbrand Bakker: Boven is het stil (The Twin) & De omweg (The Detour)

100. Sjon: The Whispering Muse from Iceland. Author/ Academy Award nominated singer

101. Debbie Rodriguez: The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul.

102. Amy McDaid NZ: Fake Baby.

103. John Matisonn: Cyril’s Choices.

104. Sharon Gosling: The House of Hidden Wonders – in conversation with Hugh David

105. Chigozie Obioma: The Fishermen / An Orchestra of Minorities

106. Gaireyah Fredericks, Jadrick Pedro and Duane Miller: Kaaps oppie Richterskaal

107. Johan Jack Smith: Zola

 108. Colleen Higgs: My Mother, My Madness

109. Ria Winters: Reise met Schoeman

110. Thomas Mollett: The Anni Dewani Murder

111. Christine Barkhuizen le Roux: My naam is Prins

112. Anel Heydenrych: Die Afloerder

113. Carla van der Spuy: Plaasmoorde t.b.c

114. In Memoriam: session dedicated to all writers who lay down their pen in 2020

115. Anton Harber: So, for the record

116. Andisiwe Kawa: Kwanele: Enough is Enough

117. John Costello: The Wild Coast

118. Raks Seakhoa:  Halala Madiba - Poetry

119. Daniel Hugo: Die verdriet van Belgie / Oorlog en terpentyn

120. Lize Albertyn du Toit: Die Kinders van Spookwerwe

121. Paul Weinberg: On Common Ground: An exhibition of Peter Magubane and David Goldblatt

122. Bridget Krone: Small Mercies

123. Marita van der Vyver: Borderline / Grensgeval

124. Hector Kunene: Poetry

125. Sindiswa Seakhoa: Songs for Madiba – Music

126. Irna van Zyl: Bloedsteen/Blood Stone

127. Barbara Boswell: Black South African Women's Novels as Feminism

128. Deena Padayachee: Poetry/short story

129. Rajie Tudge: Teaching the Canna Bush

130. Lebohang Masango: Mpumi's Magic Beads

131. Shantanu Guha Ray: Mahendra Singh Dhoni biography / Match fixing in cricket

132: Raphael Malangin: Pondicherry

133. Sumathi Ramaswamy: Gandhi in the Gallery: The Art of DisobedienceAlka 21-23 November

134. Cosmo Brockway & Harriet Compston& Karam Puri: Glorious Hotels of India

135. Salma Husain: Mughal Feast 

136. Alka Pande: Masterpieces of Indian Art

137. Thomas Weber: Going Native: Gandhi's Relationship with Western Women

138. Jackie Kalley: KwaZulu Natal. The Garden Province

139. Elana Bregin: The Audacity of Hope

140. Jackie Kalley: Mlamulankunzi: The Story of Dick King

141. Charalamos Dousemetzis: Dimitri Tsafendas: The Man Who Killed Apartheid


(still to be announced)