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May 24, 2018.



Greetings Karoosters,


 We are just back from a lovely two weeks in the dorp where the weather was fantastic; the sun rising later than in Joey, but when up was warm and pleasant. There was only one dodgy day with some wind and cloud, and the dust storm down the main drag. We had gone down because there was to have been a Richmond Outdoor event, cycling walking and crawling through a new foot / cycle path which has been built by a group of locals and which is nothing short of a fantastic addition to the “things to do in die dorp”. More on that later.



Something which has occupied the minds of many Karoosters as well as the nation as a whole has been the sword of Damocles which has been hanging over our heads, that being the threat that our much-loved Karoo could dangerously be Fracked to Death. Some of us were very active in the debate…, rather fight to the death, to prevent even a notion of this taking place. The likes of Ian Perrin of Fractual, and Jonathan Deale from Treasure the Karoo, fought tooth and nail to keep the motherfrackers out of our Karoo, Jonathan on the more public and legal awareness side and Ian in the more scientific and analytical side. I think that it is not an understatement to say that we decimated Shell and her team of much acclaimed consultants and “scientists”. We follow with a good round up of the entire fracking saga and we hope its obituary. A foul and vile and dangerous process with as you can see from the article, very limited returns. Good riddance and keep our Karoo pure!



Richmond has seen a bit of a Renaissance in the last year. We have had several new families buying houses and moving lock stock and barrel into the village. Plenty of new faces and certainly a new buzz of activity. Worker, fixers, and construction is seen everywhere and the price of houses is ever on the increase, but if you can find a house for sale it will still be a bargain compared to the asking prices of houses in other village. Interestingly a couple of the new folks in town were initially looking at moving to Hanover and others to Beaufort West. Each of the families was told in no uncertain terms that there was nothing going on in either village…rather look at Richmond! Now that's encouraging; we are finally approaching the critical mass in the dorp, so things are on the up in Richmond.



Plans are moving along for BookBedonnerd XI scheduled October 24 to 27 with the Self Publishers having Wednesday October 24 th to launch their books followed by the Gala Awards Banquet in the evening, at the Supper Klub. Booking is essential please as soon as possible. ..... CLICK ON THE LINK TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE






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