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Bookbedonnerd XIII: stay abreast

Bookbedonnerd XIII took place from 28 to 31 October 2020


For a taste of Bookbedonnerd watch our video below which captures last year's event:

Bookbedonnerd backabuddy cause

Please help us keep Bookbedonnerd alive

Unfortunately as the Northern Cape Provincial Government is not in a position to support us to the degree required for Booktown Richmond to keep up with its commitments to our various programmes, we are having to look to Crowd Support in order to maintain and grow our efforts in the village. We are firmly committed to seeing that Booktown Richmond survives and indeed grows.  We have, even at this early stage an extremely exciting line-up of speakers, entertainers and activities including the introduction of Spinning -a-Yarn, A Festival of Storytelling and Oral Traditions, a first in South Africa.

To ensure that we survive and indeed grow, the planning committee has launched a backabuddy campaign aimed at crowd-funding the event. Please support by spreading the word and, if at all possible, making a financial contributing. Booktown Richmond is in your hands. Forever BoekBedonnerd….

You will find the particulars here. We shall be most grateful. Thank you.

Below are some pictures of last year's (2019) event.

                           All photos courtesy and credited to Hendrik Mentz 

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